Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook




Scout's name:




Telephone No.:




Unit No.:




Local council:




Unit leader's name:




Telephone No.:




Unit advancement committee person's name:




Telephone No.:






Describe the project you plan to do.







What group will benefit from the project?


Name of religious institution, school, or community:

Telephone No.:

Street address:        



Zip code:



My project will be of benefit to the group because:





This concept was discussed with my unit leader on (Date):       


The project concept was discussed with the following representative of the group that will benefit from the project.


Representative's name:

Representative’s Title:         

Phone No.:

Date of meeting:




Plan your work by describing the present condition, the method, materials to be used, project helpers, and a time schedule for carrying out the project. Describe any safety hazards you might face, and explain how you will ensure the safety of those carrying out the project.


If appropriate, include photographs of the area before you begin your project. Providing before-and-after photographs of your project area can give a clear example of your effort.






“Before” Photographs





Approval Signatures for Project Plan


Project plans were reviewed and approved by:


Religious institution, school, or community representative:  


_________________________________   Date: ___________




_________________________________   Date: ___________


Unit committee member:  


_________________________________   Date: ___________


Council or district advancement committee member:  


_________________________________   Date: ___________


IMPORTANT NOTE: You may proceed with your leadership project only when you have …


-         Completed all the above mentioned planning details

-         Shared the project plans with the appropriate persons

-         Obtained approval from the appropriate persons




Record the progress of your project. Keep a record of how much time you spend planning and carrying out the project. List who besides yourself worked on the project, the days they worked, the number of hours they worked each day, and the total length of time others assisted on the project.


If appropriate, list the type and cost of any materials required to complete the project. If your original project plan changes at any time, be sure and document what the change was and the reason for the change.


Hours I Spent Working on the Project


The length of time spent should be as adequate as is necessary for you to demonstrate your leadership of two or more individuals in planning and carrying out your project.


Hours I spent …

Planning the project:

Carrying out the project :

Total hours I spent working on the project:


Hours Spent by Scouts, Venturers, or Other Individuals Working on the Project


Name                                                              Date                            No. of Hours

            __________________________  __________              ______


Total number of hours others worked on the project:


For a grand total, add the total number of hours you spent on the project to the total number of hours others worked on the project:



Materials Required to Complete the Project



Type of Material                                                                    Cost of Material









List any changes made to the original project plan and explain why those changes were made.












“AFTER” Photographs



Including photographs of your completed project (along with the "before" photographs with the project description) helps present a clearer overall understanding of your effort.



Approvals for Completed Project


Start date of project: 

Completion date of project:


The project was started and has been completed since I received the Life Scout rank, and is respectfully submitted for consideration.


Applicant's signature:  


_________________________________   Date: ___________



This project was planned, developed, and carried out by the candidate.



Signature of Scoutmaster/Coach/Advisor:  


_________________________________   Date: ___________


Signature of the representative of religious institution, school, or community:  


_________________________________   Date: ___________