Sierra Trip 2012 - Mono Pass 
Mono Pass Trek_south
Mono Pass Trek_south
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Mono Pass Trek_north
Mono Pass Trek_north
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Highlight for Album: Car camping at Rock Creek
Album: Car camping at Rock Creek

Arrive. Settle in. Enjoy the rain clouds.
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Highlight for Album: Fourth Recess Lake
Album: Fourth Recess Lake

In we go, up we go, down we go, and up to the lake. And no lack of interesting weather to talk about.
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Highlight for Album: Third Recess
Album: Third Recess

One good granite cirque deserves another.
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Highlight for Album: Pioneer Basin
Album: Pioneer Basin

Our bold troop explores the Pioneer basin. We find - rain!
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Highlight for Album: Trail Lake
Album: Trail Lake

Last night at Trail Lake.
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Highlight for Album: End of the trail
Album: End of the trail

All good things, even monsoons in the mountains, must come to an end. This was a happy end with a big burger!
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